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Telecommunication Surveys

Why Do Telecommunications Companies Require Surveys?

Before placement of any telecommunications or cellular tower, a licensed surveyor must conduct an official land survey. RLF consulting provides telecommunication companies with accurate wide-area surveys in the least possible time.

Why Do Telecommunications Companies Require Surveys?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made it obligatory that telecommunication companies submit a ‘2C’ Certification for locations where they have installed antennas. Thus, telecom companies need to get such surveys done in order to:

  • Collect precise boundary information that complies with state/city regulations to earn 1A or 2C FAA certifications in order to construct a cell tower. These certifications mention details about the horizontal position (both latitude and longitude) of the site structure and the height of the structure above mean sea level.
  • Accurately determine Flood-Plain information and comply with the latest FEMA regulations.
  • Telecommunication surveys record and report easement, boundary, zoning, utility, access information and topographical data relative to tower location.
  • Identify new locations and establish/expand customer base.
  • Collect zoning information regarding height restrictions and setback requirements.
  • Better understanding of the fundamental layout of the typical cell tower site.

Here At RLF We Provide:

  • Raw-Land Surveys for Cellular Towers
  • Rooftop Telecommunication Surveys
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Lease Area Legal Descriptions
  • FAA Certification Letters (1A or 2C)
  • 3D Laser Scanning Tower Mapping
  • Site Construction Staking
  • Title Report Review and Plotting
  • Easement "No-Conflict" Certifications
  • Co-Location Surveys For Tower Sites
  • Geodetic Control & Cellular Site Certification
  • Adherence to Zoning Regulations
  • Lease Area - Exhibits & Legal Descriptions
  • Record Boundary Survey
  • Tower Site Walks
  • Site Height Certifications
  • ALTA Surveys for Cellular Tower Sites

If you have a unique project and circumstances demand additional assistance, such as supplementary survey needs, data formats, plat design, GIS compatibility, boundary conflicts, or others, we will go an extra mile with you to ensure your specific requirements are met.